I heard from a friend today
And she said you were in town
Suddenly the memories came back to me in my

How can I be strong i've asked myself
Time and time i've said
That i'll never fall in love with you again

A wounded heart you gave
My soul you took away
Good intentions you had many
I know you did

I come from a place that hurts
And god knows how i've cried
And I never want to return
Never fall again

Making love to you
Oh it felt so good and
Oh so right

So here we are alone again'
Didn't think it'd come to this
And to know it all began
With just a little kiss

I've come too close to happiness
To have it swept away
Don't think I can take the pain
No never fall again

Kinda late in the game and my heart is in
Your hands
Don't you stand there and then
Tell me you love
Me then leave again
Cause i'm falling in love with
You again

Hold me
Hold me
Don't ever let me go
Say it just one time
Say you love me
God knows I do
Love you
Single: Again
Janet Jackson - Again
Album: Janet
Label: Virgin
Janet Jackson - Janet
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